365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy - Sorry this item is sold out

The New American Tea Party - The Counterrevolution against bailouts, handouts, reckless spending and more taxes.  Foreward by Michelle Malkin. Author: John M. O'Hara, vice president of external relations at the Illinois Policy Institute.  308 pages, soft cover.

We Still Hold These Truths - Sorry this item is sold out

Saving The Bill of Rights - We're in a fight to save our liberties - and we're losing!  For most of us, the Bill of Rights is sacred. It enshrines, defines, and protects the liberties we take for granted as Americans. But almost unnoticed, a dedicated minority of special intrests is chipping away at the Bill of Rights to the point that, while the words might remain in the Constitution, the rights themselves will be lost. Author: Frank Miniter  344 pages, hard cover with jacket.

Grass Roots, A Commonsense Action Agenda for America - Would you like to do your part in saving America?  This is a no-nonsense instruction manual that explains exactly what you can do.  Author:  Scott Hennen   384 pages, hard cover with jacket.

The Great American Awakening - By Senator Jim DeMint who chronicles two tumultuous years from the presidential election of 2008 through the mid-term elections of 2010. 220 pages, soft cover.

Restoring the Republic - In common sense logic and language, Rep. Devin Nunes outlines how both Republican and Democratic administrations and congresses in the past have nearly bankrupted the country, and offers a conservative blueprint for national renewal. 140 pages, hard cover with jacket.

America By Heart is  a highly personal testament to former Governor and Vice President candidate Sarah Palin's deep love of country, her strong roots in faith, and her profound appreciation of family.  The book also includes brief readings from classic and contemporary texts that have moved and inspired her, as well as portraits of Americans, both famous and obscure, whom she admires. 269 pages, hard cover with jacket.

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